Masonry Heaters

Masonry heaters

Whoever enjoyed the pleasant warm radiation of a masonry heater, will always seek the same feeling beside every tile stove or fireplace. It’s a feeling of security, of pleasure and the wonderful warmth which makes the masonry heater so incomparable.

The firebox is made traditionally from fireclay bricks, spreading heat slowly into the room. Through our new masonry heater doors the room will be heated in a few minutes. Unfortunately, it is not easy to build a suitable firebox today, especially because the legal requirements regarding emissions have become very strict. This is the reason why BRUNNER has developed pre-assembled fireboxes, fulfilling these requirements without any problems.

For everyone who decides to build a handcrafted firebox , we have designed perfectly dimensioned masonry heater doors, matching the special requirements and thermal conditions, which are specific for a masonry heater. We wish you countless delightful hours close to your most individual wood stove.