Masonry heater steel doors

If you would like to have a traditional masonry heater with a high level of thermal mass combined with a large viewing glass, we have the ideal solution for you. Due to the large masonry heater doors made of steel the heat will be given off fast and the heat will be stored in thermal mass.

We offer a perfectly constructed masonry heater door, which a stove setter will build in.

Our various masonry heater doors from steel

A new standard for contemporary, modern heaters:

GOT 51/55

GOT 51/67

GOT 57/67

GOT 52/37

GOT 38/86

GOT 45/101

Steel doors corner

GOT 51/52/52

GOT 45/67/44

GOT 57/67/44

GOT 38/86/36

GOT 45/101/40