Masonry heater boiler

When the masonry heater supports the central heating system

A masonry heater with a high switchable hot water support is the ideal solution for those who treasure the healthy and long lasting radiant heat of a stove and wish to support their central heating system at the same time. You can decide individually whether you want to use the energy of the wood fire to heat up water, or if you prefer sending it through the ceramic coating of the device. Thanks to the mounted boiler GOK A slim stoves can be set up even in the smallest of spaces. The GOK S adjacent boiler will help you build flat furnaces.

In case you wish to produce hot water with your stove without heating up the room you can install BRUNNER’s heatSTOP: the heatSTOP is a portable, foldable metal curtain which is placed in front of the combustion chamber in order to shield the radiant heat.